One last QuiltCon post

Just a few last photos from QuiltCon that my husband took. Look at that beautiful Pasadena sky:

Kendra Nitta @missknitta at #QuiltCon2016 in Pasadena CA

And my very own Road to Pasadena quilt, which the current owner kindly lent to the show:

Road to Pasadena quilt and pattern by Kendra Nitta @missknitta

I never had the chance to say goodbye to the quilt after I left Austin last year, so it was lovely to see it in person again. And so neat that my husband got to see my work in a show! Looking forward to Savannah, and to QuiltCon returning to Pasadena in 2018!

QuiltCon 2016 recap

What an amazing, inspiring week! The first three days I spent as a Supervolunteer, which was so much fun and allowed me to make so many new friends.

And then the next three days were classes! Friday, I spent 9am to 5pm with Jacquie Gering‘s Activating Space in Modern Quilt Design class. We spent the first half of the class working on these interesting shapes to get a sense of how to “activate” space.

Jacquie Gering at #QuiltCon2016 teaching #activatingspacequilt class

Then the second half we designed a block that I then went on to refine and use in Bill Kerr‘s Solids Marathon class from 9am to 9pm (yes NINE full hours of class time) the next day:

@missknitta's desk during the Solids Marathon with Bill Kerr

Here are some of our finished blocks after the long day!

Class projects from the Solids Marathon at #quiltcon2016

The last full day of class was with Gwen Marston. It was another way to use what I’d learned about color and space over the previous two days. Here are our class projects (mine is the second bottom in the far right column)

Small Studies with Gwen Marston #quiltcon2016

It was a wonderful, inspiring week! I can’t wait for QuiltCon 2017!

Knitting patterns now available!

January was a busy month, with getting lots of knitting and quilting patterns formatted for individual sale.

I’m so pleased to announce that the following knitting patterns are now available in my Ravelry store! You can also find some of them on Craftsy, Etsy, Patternfish, and the Knit Picks store.

E.L.F. Cap
design sketch for E.L.F. Cap  by Kendra Nitta,

Athena’s BookendsAthena's Bookends pattern by Kendra Nitta @missknitta; available at’s Bookends

Juju au Lait
Juju au Lait knitting pattern by Kendra Nitta @missknitta, available on Ravelry

Best Friend Hot Water Bottle Cover (available on Knit Picks, too!)
Best Friend Hot Water Bottle cover pattern by Kendra Nitta @missknitta , available on Ravelry and Knit Picks

Stay tuned for more, plus quilting patterns!

Christmas countdown

Advent Calendar by Kendra Nitta @missknitta

Advent Calendar by Kendra Nitta @missknitta

When I didn’t get this posted by the beginning of the month, I thought I’d wait until the end so you can start planning your project for next year!

This is our family’s advent calendar, which uses a large quilting hoop and clothespins to hold cards with 24 days of fun things. I package the cards differently each year, depending on what I have onhand.

Some are small (links to home videos or photos) and some are big, like tickets to this or this. It’s fun to save Kindle deal books or sale songs during the year to include as treats in the advent calendar, too.

I posted this detail shot on Instagram the other day, and you can see that I’ve sewn little trees on each card using my favorite scraps:

Advent Calendar by Kendra Nitta @missknitta

We leave the cards on the quilting hoop after they’re opened to form their own wreath, but you could also hang the cards on the tree. It’s one of my favorite parts of the season!

Ready for the holidays at last!

Wreath by Kendra Nitta @missknitta

With Christmas right around the corner, my wreath is finally up on the front door! It’s been waiting around since my annual decorating party because we were expecting the painters (hence the paint chips on the door — kind of like last year). But in the spirit of keeping things simple, we’ve moved the painters to the new year, so we were able to get this hung at last!

By the way, here’s how my car looks when it just comes back from visiting the Dan Stamis booth at the flower mart!



Unfortunately, neither of my QuiltCon submissions made it into the show this year. I’m definitely disappointed, but I’m planning to do a bit more hand-quilting on this one (and take better photos!!) and will try again next time.

HEEL! quilted and designed by Kendra Nitta @missknitta

Our guild’s show-and-tell for January will be for all quilts rejected from QuiltCon, and I’m looking forward to getting some feedback about how to make this more appealing to the judges. I’m also thinking of releasing the pattern at some point soon.

My only consolation is that Road to Pasadena will be hanging in the show, along with the other MQG Quilt of the Month quilts. The buyer kindly agreed to lend it to the show, and it will be nice to see it again.

I’m going to go bake some cookies and watch the news on Instagram to see who got in and who didn’t!