Recipe for quilting, part 3

I had time yesterday afternoon to put together my blocks for Week 3 of the Simple Sampler QAL over at Amy‘s!

This week’s blocks were a two-by-three and a snowball variation. Both were much more challenging than the previous two weeks and took more than one try to stitch together.

I’m not great at making sure my 1/4-inch seam is the scant1/4-inch it is supposed to be. Because of that, I have a lot of trouble lining up the blocks and I end up having to trim down the sides to make things match up.

Here’s what I started with:


And how they turned out!


I must admit that I wish I was more thrilled with the solid red. It is from the J. Caroline Creative going-out-of-fabric sale and doesn’t really match with the other colors in the Mary Engelbreit prints.

I also feel like there isn’t enough contrast in the two-by-three, which is a function of what I chose for the previous blocks. It’s possible that what I should have done at the very beginning was look at the schematic to determine what colors would look best in the two-by-three, and then work backwards when I chose the fabrics for the first couple of blocks (much like those in the know with the MHK program start with Swatch 3 to get the right needle size for the seed stitch swatch ad then move backwards to the garter and stockinette swatches). Still, I think this is going to make a really adorable quilt and I am looking forward to the challenge of next week’s blocks!

P.S. Here’s how they look all together!


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